We want to hear from you.  If you have comments, suggestions or experiences that you would like to share with the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps (ACMC) Task Force on social media misconduct to include as it relates to gender discrimination and harassment, please email them to bepartofthesolution@usmc.mil .

     Please do not use this email box to ask questions you need answers to, to report a crime or misconduct, or to receive support services.  Resources for reporting crimes and misconduct and for receiving support can be found here >http://www.usmc-mccs.org/socialmediaFAQs/ .

     Information provided will be used to inform the team developing solutions towards this problem.   Providing information is completely voluntary.  You should not provide any personal identifying information.  Any personal information inadvertently transmitted will be used only for official purposes and not disclosed outside of the Marine Corps.  If criminal activity is disclosed, it may be forwarded to appropriate authorities.