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Base Services

Welcome to the MCCS Service Businesses web page. We offer a variety of programs developed to meet the needs of our patrons and their families. To find out more about the programs you are interested in just click on a selection from the menu below.

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Personalized Services

Personalized Services are offered for your convenience. Your local MCCS offers these unique services at different locations on each Marine Corps Installation.

Dental Clinic, Barber Shop, Beauty Shop , Optical Shop,Flower Shop, Tax Service, Laundromat, Dry Cleaners, Tailor Shop, Travelers Checks and Telegrams.


Vending services are conveniently located throughout the Marine Corps Installation. Vending services are provided as a convenience for our patrons and we provde many different items through vending machines such as: soft drinks, milk, juice, hot drinks, sandwiches, pastries, ice cream, snacks, laundry products, postage stamps and phone cards.

If you have questions about vending services contact your local Marine Corps MCCS.



AT&T and the Marine Corps have partnered to provide our Marines and their families with their personal telecommunication needs.

Some of the many services provided are In-Room telephone services making calling convenient from your BQ, One Rate Plus and One Rate Plus International service with unsurpassed rates for calling long distance or internationally, Global Military Saver Plus calling card offering excellent rates for local and international calls, Cellular and Wireless Services, and Internet access.

Our partnership with AT&T also supports the Marine with program like Pay Phones aboard Installation. AT&T installed of over 2,100 pay telephones on Marine Corps Installations. Voice Mail Box with 800 numbers so you do not miss messages from family, friends and loved ones while on deployment, Port Call service and aboard ship calling.

To find out more about AT&T's partnership with the Marine Corps just click here:


Video Rental

Movie rentals are available on your Marine Corps Installation. Our video rental facilities do not require membership and offer the latest movies at competitive rental rates.

Also available to rent are video game units, video games, DVD units and VCRs at select facilities.


Special Events

Heads Up! Don't miss out on the different special events at your Marine Corps Installation. Each month many events are available for your enjoyment such as, air shows, marathons, special sales and featured appearances by celebrities and notable personalities.



Convenience and affordability are keystones to our rental programs.

Each Marine Corps Installation offers our patrons a variety of options to meet their needs.

Items available to rent range from car, truck and trailer rental to recreational equipment.


MCCS Service Businesses

To find out how to do business with MCCS Service Business or to contact a headquarter representative call, write or send an e-mail to the following:

Commercial: 703-784-3840
Fax: 703-784-2710 

Kathy Nuzum
Retail Operations Manager

MCCS Services Business
3044 Catlin Avenue
Quantico, VA 22134-5099 

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