Arts and Crafts

Pottery Class at Cherry Point

Arts & Crafts skills development programs are designed to offer a wide variety of core craft activities, which can include framing, engraving, ceramics, woodworking, pottery, photography, jewelry making, and fine arts. Instructional classes in these activities are offered to the customer, which in turn will allow customers to complete and accomplish learned activities in a self-directed environment. Patrons are encouraged to "learn" the activity and develop life skills.



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29 Palms  Wood Hobby Shop Bldg 1342 760-830-7214 Website
Camp Foster Photo Hobby Shop Bldg 5908 645-3851 Website
Fine Arts Bldg 5908 645-3674 Website
Frame Shop Bldg 5908 645-3674 Website
Custom Shop Bldg 5908 645-0126 Website
Camp Courtney Arts & Crafts Bldg 4453 622-7492 Website
Ceramics Bldg 4453 622-7492  
Iwakuni  Wood Hobby Shop Bldg 1345 253-5320 Website
Camp Lejeune  Wood Hobby Shop Bldg 1249 910-451-5191 Website