Aquatics Maximum Power Intense Training (AMP-IT)

Aquatics Maximum Power Intense Training (AMP-IT)Aquatics Maximum Power Intense Training (AMP-IT) provides an aquatic workout of sufficient intensity (comparable to land) for individuals with musculoskeletal/orthopedic injuries limiting weight bearing exercise or just looking for an alternative workout.

There are nine 9 Core Areas for Optimum Fitness with in the AMP-IT program:

Deep water with floatation, strength with drag equipment, exercises with equipment, stretches, balance and core strength, noodle use, shallow water agility, muscle endurance, and relaxation/active stretches.

Aquatics Maximum Power Intense Training (AMP-IT)

The deep water component is counting your steps (pace count) for a specific amount of time and then trying to increase your pace count and then maintain your step count. For example: the first 30 seconds you count your steps and you get 32 steps, next you get 39 steps, then 46 steps. For the following 2 min. you count your steps (paces) during the 2nd and 4th 30 sec. of that set. Maintaining 46 steps during the entire 2 min.

AMP-IT trainers are available at all installations with a swimming pool.


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