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Prizes Awarded in Marine Corps Club Membership Drive

Release Date: 7/7/2005

MCB QUANTICO, VA - Sixty lucky club members, four from each installation, won $500 credits on their Marine Corps Club Membership accounts at the conclusion of this year's Marine Corps "Benefits You've Earned" Club Membership drive.  The drive ran from 15 April through 24 June.

While he was Commandant, General Jones asserted that club Membership was inherent to the culture of the Corps and that clubs provided valuable socialization and mentoring opportunities for Marines and their families that must be preserved.  The Marine Corps values its membership clubs and value you as a member.  Becoming a Marine Corps Club member can help foster lifetime relationships and is an investment in the continuation of Marine Corps brotherhood.

There are many Marine Corps-wide benefits of membership, including:

  • Entry to members' only functions;
  • Great locations to enjoy camaraderie and socialize with fellow Marines;
  • A member of one club is a member of all Marine Corps Clubs;
  • Cash back Military Rewards Program for Platinum cards; and
  • Finance charges are refunded for up to one year when engaged in military campaigns.

If you did not join during the membership campaign, it's not too late.  Applications are available at the club, as well as on  Check with your local club to find out more!

This summer, two promotions are being offered at Marine Corps Clubs.  The first is an opportunity to win a Jet Ski, the second is a trip to the Florida Keys and the Ford 500.  After Labor Day, the next club promotion will be the annual MCCS Football Bash.  Once again, MCCS will be offering a chance for one lucky patron and a guest to attend the Super Bowl.  Eligible patrons can fill out an entry blank every time they use an MCCS club or restaurant.  For more information on any of these promotions, please contact

Spring 2005 Marine Corps Club Membership Winners

29 Palms
Col Blaine D. King (RET)
1stLt George R. Bartimus
MSgt Gary L. Hyde (RET)
SSgt Frank L. Mello, Jr.

Col J. W. Smoots
LtCol Thomas G. Barton (RET)
1stLt Brian D. Lapointe
CWO5 Steven L. Mcalister

LCDR Anthony B. Headrick
Capt Christi L. Saddler
GySgt Kevin Johnson (RET)
GySgt Gregory Taylor

CAPT Kenneth V. Zerda (USN RET)
Maj Scott A. Madziarczyk
Capt Matthew A. Sproat
SSgt Martin F. Ashton

Maj Bernard J. Grimes
Capt Tim Joyce
Mr. Dale W. Peabody
SgtMaj Richard H. Rush

New River
Maj William E. Sauls
Capt Jeremie N. Hester
1stLt Bart A. Betik
CWO4 Guy M. Miller (RET)

CDR Paul V. Rocereto
Capt Raymond P. Ayres
CWO4 Leroy E. Sanderson (RET)
WO1 Jonathan R. Risser

Parris Island
Maj Michael P. Mastroberti (RET)
Capt Christoper D. Wills
GySgt Ralph Sharratta (RET)
SSgt Jose Arbuckle

Col Danny L. Brush
1stLt Janice M. Walker
Ms. Lorna T. Denniston
GySgt James M. Wade

Col Roger C. Breslau (RET)
CDR Dennis M. Pittman (USN RET)
MSgt Messalina L. Patino (RET)
GySgt Tony A. Reyes (RET)

Cherry Point
LtCol Andrew G. Shorter
CWO4 Gary L. Baumer (RET)
SgtMaj William Hartley (RET)
SSgt Matthew D. Balek

CWO4 Julius Blinkovitch (RET)
SgtMaj Kevin S. Bennett (RET)
GySgt Allan D. Porter (RET)
SSgt Jerome W. Bostick, Sr.

Maj Patricia Johnson
1stLt Charles A. Mallette
1stLt Juan L. Reyna
Mr. Michel E. Tierney

Maj John H. Pylant
Maj Kenneth N. Steinke
Maj Shawn R. Strandberg
SgtMaj John S. Dewitt, Sr. (RET)

Capt Alejandro R. House
Mr. David G. Garber
Mr. Michael K. Gingles
Ms. Christy L. Zander


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