ID Cards

Upon retirement, you were issued a DD Form 2 (Retired) to replace your active duty ID card. If your retired card is lost or damaged, you can get a replacement card from the nearest Realtime Automated Personnel Identification system (RAPIDS) site. If you are not shown in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS), the issuing activity can request verification of your entitlement by contacting the Retiree Activities Section (MMSR-6) at (800) 336-4649.

All of your eligible family members should have had their ID cards reissued upon retirement. You can apply for renewal or replacement of the DD Form 1173 for your family members at any RAPIDS site (see below). The primary means of verifying eligibility is made through DEERS. If the family member is not listed in DEERS, you must provide sufficient documentation to show entitlement.

Retiree Activities Section (MMSR-6)

RAPIDS Site Locator