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SMP Cruise

SSgt Parsons, Jason D

After lots of hard work, Headquarters Marine Corps, Single Marine Program gets authorization to support a cruise for the east coast and a cruise for the west coast regions.

This cruise was part of the regional recreation event that each region tries to hold annually.  In the past the east/west coast regions were having a hard time trying to get participants from each installation to be able to attend.  Headquarters Marine Corps took the ball with the help of the two regional SMP coordinators.  They researched idea's for a trip and with the help of ITT came up with a cruise departing from each coast that would be equal for everyone.

Each Cruise was for 5 days.  The west coast cruise went to Cabo San Lucas then to Ensenada before returning to San Diego.  Everyone came back with nothing but great things to say.  The East Coast Cruise went to