Cardio vs. Conditioning

Cardio vs. Conditioning, two words generally used interchangeably, but hold significantly different meanings. Discover the difference and how one may benefit your personal fitness goals more than the other.

Show Muscles vs. Go Muscles

All muscles in the human body are important, and if training is optimal, they will look great and help you perform whatever tasks are required. Dive into this list of factors that will guide your training to look great but also enhance performance.

Five Reasons Why Your Child Should Be Playing Sports

Youth Sports programs seek to make the sports experience for all children safe, fun, and healthy. These programs promote the value and importance of sports and physical activity in children's emotional, physical, social, and mental development.

Sleep Goals For The New Year

Most New Year’s resolutions focus on losing weight, exercising more, reducing stress levels, and being more productive, however, many people may be surprised to learn how closely sleep relates to achieving most of these goals. Getting enough quality sleep is associated with healthier body weight, greater motivation, smarter food choices, better stress management, problem-solving, and attention. Sleep is a habit that deserves just as much attention as other habits, if not more.

International Mind-Body Wellness Day

January 3 is International Mind-Body Wellness Day, an opportunity to celebrate how a healthy mind and healthy emotions mean a healthy body.

Fitness During Pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy can help improve a variety of things from your cardiovascular fitness to improving your sleep. Discover the truths about exercising during pregnancy and remember to always consult with your medical care provider prior to any physical training while pregnant.

The Importance of Your Core's Function

Core function is The body’s ability to stabilize, control and move the spine and trunk. Core refers to all the muscles that stabilize and move the shoulder blades, trunk, pelvis, and hips.

Tips to Staying Fit During the Holidays

Check out these eight tips for staying fit this holiday season.

What is injury prevention?

Injury prevention is defined as activities to prevent, ameliorate, treat, and/or reduce injury-related disability and death. Injuries can be defined as unintentional and violent. Utilizing the Health Wellness and Performance framework can decrease both intentional and violent injuries.

Mindful Nutrition for the Holidays

Mindfulness encompasses the ability to give attention to what is happening while it is happening. The holidays are a time for us to take a break from our day-to-day and focus on friends and family. The Health Promotion team suggests three easy tips to practice mindful nutrition over the holidays.


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