Stay Connected - Parenting Can Be Stressful

Strong communities strengthen families. Everyone in the Marine Corps community plays a role in fostering strong families and keeping kids safe.

Marine Corps Announces 2017 Athletes of the Year

Congratulations to Lt Col Joseph Gavin, Ft. Lauderale, FL, and GySgt Sara Pacheco, Quantico, VA, who have been chosen as the 2017 Marine Corps Athletes of the year.

Is There Actually a Fair Fight?

Every couple will disagree at times, but you can disagree without fighting. In fact, disagreeing can be constructive if you work together.

Family Care Plan on Marine Online

The way Marines can ensure accountability for their families in case of an emergency just got a lot easier.

Want a Happier, More Confident and Resilient Child? Help Them Build Their Social Capital!

The average military child will attend between 6 to 9 different schools within the parent’s military career making it rather difficult to build a network of friends and support.

How to Prepare for an Interview

Your performance in an interview can make or break landing a job, so you always want to be on your A-game.  Check out this list of nine things you can do to effectively prepare for your interview.

Alcohol, Ads, and Your Kids: How to Read Between the Lines

What can parents do to change their child’s perception of alcohol? You can use media literacy techniques (the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media) to help your child view ads more critically.

eMentor, an Award Winning Online Mentor Program

eMentor is a great resource for those currently transitioning, getting ready to transition, or those who have been out of the Military and need guidance or are in search of their next career field.  Here are the top nine things you need to know about eMentor!

New Program Delivery Approach for Family Readiness

The Unit, Personal, and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP) is undergoing several changes to continue to effectively execute core program requirements, while also reallocating some of the resources in this area to better match our peace time status.

Marine College Financing How-To List

It’s no secret that college can take a toll on your bank account. Check out these FAQs to start planning ahead and making things a little easier.

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