Policy Orders

Here you will find a compilation of the most frequently used policy documents related to Marine Corps Community Services activities. Other documents may be found at:

Department of Defense

Department of the Navy

U. S. Marine Corps

If you have any questions please contact the Policy and Public Affairs branch
at DSN 378-2329 or 703-432-2329.


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Marine Corps Orders "P" Directives (MCO P)
Marine Corps Orders (MCO)
DoD Directives
DoD Instructions
NAVMC Publications

Marine Corps Orders "P" Directives (MCO P)
MCO P1700.27B W/CH 1 - MCCS Policy Manual *
MCO P12000.11A W/CH 1-4 - NAF Personnel Manual *
MCO P1700.29 - Marine Corps Semper Fit Program Manual *
MCO P1710.30E - Marine Corps Children & Youth & Teen Programs *
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Marine Corps Orders (MCOs)
MCO 1700.30 - MCCS Business Operations Manual *
MCO 7010.19 W\CH 1- MCCS Financial Management Procedures *
MCO 1560.25 - Marine Corps Lifelong Learning Program (Cancelled)*
MCO 1720.2 - Suicide Prevention Program *
MCO 1754.4B - Exceptional Family Member Program *
MCO 1754.8A - Marine For Life Program (M4L) Program (Cancelled by sponsor)
MCO 1754.9A - Unit Personal and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP)
MCO 1754.11 - Marine Corps Family Advocacy and Genenal Counseling Program *
MCO 5300.17 - Marine Corps Substance Abuse Program *
MCO 1710.23B W/CH1 - Armed Forces Professional Entertainment Program Overseas *
MCO 1754.6C - Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB) *
MCO 1560.33 - Marine Corps Tuition Assistance Program *
MCO 1700.22F - Alcoholic Beverage Control in the Marine Corps w/ CH 1 *
MCO 1700.36A - Single Marine Program
MCO 1752.5B - Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program
MCO 1754.6 - MCFTB Manual *
MCO 7040.11A - Marine Corps Ball Funding *
MCO 7000.19 w/Ch 1 - Marine Corps Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Investment Policy *
MCO 7020.8D - Nonappropriated Fund International Balance of payments Transactions Reports *
MCO 7042.6C - Award Of Trophies and Similar Devices in Recognition of Accomplishments *
MCO 1740.13C - Family Care Plans *
MCO 7510.2E -- Internal Audit Of Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities (NAFI'S) By The Marine Corps Nonappropriated Fund Audit Service (MCNAFAS) *
MCBul 1754 dtd - Exceptional Family Member Program
MCO 1320.11F - Personnel Sponsorship Program *
MCO 1754.10 - Marine Corps Information and Referral Program *
MCO 1755.3 - School Liaison Program *
MCO 7010.20 - MCCS NonAppropriated Fund Procurement Policy
MCO 1700.29 Semper Fit Fitness and Health Promotion Policy
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DoD Directives
DODD 1000.26E - Support for Non Federal Entities on DoD Installations

DoDD 1015.2 - Military Morale, Welfare and Recreation

DoDD 1020.1 - Nondescrimination on the Basis of Handicap on Prgms & Act or Conducted by DoD

DODD 1125.3 - Vending Facility Program for the Blind on Federal Property

DODD 4105.67 - Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Procurement Procedure (Ch 1, 7/30/2002)

DoDD 6400.1 - Family Advocacy Program

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DoD Instructions

DoDI 1000.15 - Private Organizations on DoD Installations

DoDI 1010.15 - Smoke Free Workplace

DoDI 1015.10 - Programs for MWR

DoDI 1015.11 - Lodging Resource Policy

DoDI 1015.12 - Lodging Program Resource Management

DoDI 1015.13 - DoD Procedures for Implementing Public-Private Ventures for MWR category C Revenue Generating Activities

DoDI 1015.15 - Procedures for Establishment, Management, and Control of Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities and Financial Management of Supporting Resources

DoDI 1330.09 - Armed Services Exchange Policy

DoDI 1330.21 - Armed Services Exchange Regulations

DoDI 1342.22 - Family Centers

DoDI 1342.24 - Transitional Compensation of Abused Dependants

DoDI 1402.5 - Criminal History Background Checks on Individuals in Child care Services

DODI 4105.70 - Sale or Rental of Sexually Explicit Material on DoD Property

DODI 4105.71 - Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Procurement Procedure (Ch 1, 7/30/2002)

DoDI 6060.2 - Child Development Programs

DoDI 6060.3 - School Age Program

DoDI 6400.3 - Family Advocacy Command Family Assistance Team

DoDI 7060.03 - International Balance of Payments Program - Nonappropriated Fund Activities

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SECNAVINST 1560.4 - Voluntary Education

SECNAVINST 1700.12A - Operation of MWR Activities

SECNAVINST 1740.2D – Solicitation and Conduct of Personnel Commercial Affairs

OPNAV 1750.3 – Transitional Compensation for Abused Dependents

SECNAVINST 1752.3B - Family Advocacy Program

SECNAVINST 1752.4A - Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program

SECNAVINST 1754.1B - DON Family Support Programs

SECNAVINST 1754.5B – Exceptional Family Member Program

SECNAVINT 1754.6 – Relocation Assistance Program

SECNAVINST 1754.7A - Credentialing Review

SECNAVINST 4535.3 - Vending for the Blind

SECNAVINST 5100.13E - Tobacco Policy

SECNAVINS 5300.28D - Substance Abuse

OPNAV 5380.1A – Voluntary Services in DON

SECNAVINST 5401.2A - Establishment and Management of NAFIs

SECNAVINST 5870.4A - Copyright

SECNAVINST 6401.1B - Veterinary Services

SECNAVINST 7010.8A – Fisher House Program

SECNAVINST 7043.5B - Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Procurement Policy

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