1. TRICARE Changes Coming in January
    TRICARE changes are just around the corner. TRICARE is the health insurance program offered to active duty Marines, retirees, activated guard & reserve members, and families. Check out the changes to the plan in this article.
  2. Want to learn a new language? Check out the library!
    Learning a new language is not only fun, but it can also help your resume stand out. Installation libraries now offer Mango Language, a digital language learning program with courses in more than 70 different foreign languages and 21 English language learning courses. To register for Mango Language, visit your installation’s library.  Those remotely stationed can request access by emailing usmclibraries@usmc.mil.
  3. Give back during this holiday season.
    Volunteering is a great way to give back and do-good this season. To find out how you can volunteer, contact your local MCCS Volunteer Coordinator program. If you’re looking for other ways to bring cheer to your community, check out these ideas.
  4. Avoid the holiday blues.
    Whether you or a loved one is deployed, or you’re simply far away from family, this time of year can be especially hard. Check out these tips from the MCCS Family Advocacy and Community Counseling Programs on how to make the best out of your holiday season away from home.
  5. Still searching for a holiday gift?
    Why not try an MCX eGift card? MCX eGift cards can be received via email or smartphone, and are the perfect way to check off those remaining on your list. They’re customizable too — you can add a personal audio, text, or image to your card, and schedule it to be delivered at a certain date. Although the recipient of the card needs to be an authorized MCX patron, card purchasers do not. To purchase an eGift card or learn more, visit myMCX.com.