7 Reasons Why Teaching Children Kindness is Essential

Selfless acts of giving provide physical and emotional benefits needed for a well-rounded individual. This is why it is essential for children to learn kindness early on.

Marine Parents: Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Keeping kids safe on the internet is a challenging task. What is a parent to do in the 21st century?  Here are a few tips to help keep your children safe online.

Why the MWR Customer Satisfaction Survey is So Important

In the coming weeks, you may be one of the lucky Service members to receive an e-mail inviting you to participate in a Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Customer Satisfaction Survey.

How a Letter of Recommendation Can Get a Marine Into College

Marines, if you're wondering if you need to include a Letter of Recomendation with your college application, the answer is yes.

Maintain Your Skills Through Volunteering!

Did you know that volunteering is the perfect opportunity to develop new skills or maintain your current skill set? USMC Volunteers is always looking for new people to to assist with local projects.

Just Say No: How to Stay Stress Free This Holiday Season

Feeling stressed this holiday season? Here are some quick tips to alleviate the pressure.

UPFRP: The Readiness Resource You Haven't Heard Of

Learning to be self-sufficient is at the heart of the Family Readiness Program mission.

Watt's It Take to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner?

It’s easy to calculate the monetary cost of Thanksgiving dinner, but have you ever thought about how much energy is behind a well-cooked bird or grandma’s famous green bean casserole?

Mid-Deployment Self Care - Taking Time for YOU

The Homefront can become overwhelming and stressful while your Marine is deployed. It’s okay to give yourself permission to take care of “you” in order to better take care of others.

Food for Thought: What to Know About Cooking with Alcohol

Did you know that alcohol might not completely "burn off" during cooking? Follow our guidelines for cooking with alcohol to ensure your next meal is suitable for everyone.

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