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Families of Injured Marines Eligible for Child Care Assistance During Recovery

Release Date: 3/3/2006

MARINE CORPS BASE, VA -- Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) has partnered with the Marine for Life-Injured Support Program and the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA) to help families of severely injured Marines locate safe, licensed child care services, and to offset the cost of child care during recovery.

The families of injured Marines are now eligible to receive a subsidy for off-base care in a civilian child care program during the first six months of recovery. The need is reassessed every six months to determine further eligibility. Installation commanders are authorized to allow families of injured Marines to pay the lowest fee category in on-base child care facilities during the first six months of recovery and can also authorize Priority 1 status on child care wait lists.

MCCS has been part of NACCRRA's Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood program since it was launched by the Department of Defense in 2005. The program is designed to help meet the child care needs of service members living in areas where on-base military child care has a waiting list or is not available which as is often the case for activated reservists, recruiters, and I&I staff. The program can help families locate licensed childcare and provide fee assistance to reduce out-of-pocket cost to levels similar to those paid in on-base facilities.

According to Michael Berger, head of Marine Corps Children, Youth, and Teen,
Programs, "Almost one-third of injured Marines are classified as Seriously Injured or Very Seriously Injured and require the spouse or parent to assume the role of primary care giver. This leaves very little time for taking care of children and makes having quality child care essential." 

Berger added, "A few months ago, we began to see requests for assistance coming from the families of injured Marines and we then realized that we needed to put a process in place to ensure that all injured Marines were aware of the assistance available from NACCRRA. Working in partnership with the Marine for Life-Injured Support Program, we developed a protocol for engaging injured Marines and their families about their child care needs. Our plan has been so successful that all the services are implementing similar awareness programs for injured service members."

For more information about the Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood program check out their website at or call 1-800-424-2246.  For information about the Marine for Life-Injured Support Program call 1-866-645-8762.

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