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Separating Marines Eligible for New Civilian Development Program

Release Date: 2/20/2007

MCB QUANTICO, VA -- The Marine Civilian Development Program (MCDP) is a new program intended to help transitioning Marines -- officer and enlisted, active duty and reserve -- develop effective private sector skill sets using the foundation built during their service in the Marine Corps. The program is offered by a not-for-profit corporation, funded by private donations and sponsored by Randy Lerner, owner of the Cleveland Browns.


  Interested Marines can find more information about the program and may apply online at the MCDP website, Interested Marines should sign up for the program as soon as they have made the decision to leave the Marine Corps to allow enough time to process the application - ideally 3-6 months prior to EAS/EOS. Policy guidance on how to apply for the program and approval procedures is published via MARADMIN 054/07.

                According to Laura Bass, Head, PCS Support Section at Headquarters Marine Corps, "The goal of the Program is to help Marines speed their adaptation to working in the private sector. MCDP is targeted at Marines who have honorably completed their term of service and have made the decision to return to the civilian sector. It does not compete with or replace the Marine Corps' retention efforts or Congressionally mandated transition assistance programs.

                MCDP will be targeting up to 800 Marines (280 college graduates and 520 high school graduates) in the program in CY2007. MCDP is provided at no cost to the Marine Corps, participating Marines, or employers.  All lodging and meals are provided by MCDP, as well as transportation and child care, when required.  Marines attending the program must be in an approved annual leave status. Courses will be held in Southern California and North Carolina on a recurring basis throughout the year.

                MCDP offers two courses of instruction. A six-day Gold course for college graduates (Enlisted or Commissioned personnel) and a four-day Scarlet course for high school graduates.  A Spouse Orientation is also offered in conjunction with both courses to assist the separating Marine. These courses are taught by a combination of successful business professionals who have been in the Private Sector and former Marines that understand the transition a Marine makes when leaving the Corps. There are also organized social functions and discussions with recruiters and senior level business professionals so that participants can learn first hand what it takes to succeed in the private sector.

                The fast paced, focused courses teach participants how to develop the core skills and competencies necessary for success in business.  Some of the topics discussed include developing an understanding of the characteristics of the private sector; developing the skills necessary to leverage your Marine Corps training and experience and applying them prudently for success in the private sector; and illustrating why adapting to the business environment is essential.

                Upon successful completion of the program, Marines will be referred to MCDP"s national network of Fortune 500 companies for possible employment, but are not obligated to accept an offer of employment. Program Alumni are provided continued coaching and assistance well after the completion of the program to ensure their success in the private sector.

                In the fall of 2006, two pilot programs were conducted involving 39 separating Marines. At the end of each of the programs, the participants had great things to say about how much the program helped prepare them to join the private sector:

                Before I attended this program, I thought that as soon as I get out of the Marine Corps, I would be starting over in life. Now that I have completed the program, I realize that instead of starting over, I will be progressing, Cpl. Suzanne Thiele, III MEF.

                I learned a lot during this week, but I think the most important thing that I got out of it is the confidence that this class has provided me to excel in the private sector, Sgt. Heath Gomez, I MEF.

                I dont think I would have been so successful in my job search and interviewing without this knowledge. My wife thinks Im a changed man and I am looking forward to my new career, 1stLt Daniel Venuto, II MEF.

                For more information about the Marine Civilian Development Program check out the MCDP website at or contact Laura Bass at 703-784-9523,


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