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Officer and SNCO Clubs to offer pre-paid memberships

Release Date: 3/30/2007

           Club cardsBeginning April 1, personnel joining Officer and SNCO clubs will have a choice of two membership cards. In addition to the standard membership card issued by Chase Bank, a pre-paid membership card will be available. 

           The pre-paid card is the ideal choice for those who want the benefits of club membership, without the credit card feature of the standard card. The new card serves as a membership benefits identification card and allows members to pre-pay annual dues once a year. Any remaining pre-paid dues are refunded if the member deploys and the card is transferable on reassignment. The expansion of the Club Membership Program was made in response to a recent survey of officers and SNCOs that identified the requirement for a choice of club cards. 

           The standard club membership card issued by Chase Bank is still available for members who prefer a credit card that can be used off base and dues will be billed on a monthly basis. This standard card features the Military Free Cash Rewards Program, which offers a 2 percent rebate for every dollar spent in MCCS activities including the Exchange, and at the Commissary, and a 1 percent rebate for all purchases made off base. It also offers a unique "Blue Star" benefit to members deployed to combat areas. This benefit refunds all interest accrued to the account for up to one year while allowing the deployed member's family the continued use of the card interest free. Club membership dues are also discontinued during deployments.

           Marine Corps Leadership has asserted that club membership is inherent to the culture of the Corps and that every officer and SNCO has a professional responsibility to support their Club by becoming a member. The clubs provide valuable socialization and mentoring opportunities for Marines and serve the Marine Corps as the venue for official functions. All active duty officers and SNCO, reservists, military retirees, and Civilian Marines are invited and encouraged to join the clubs. For additional information on club membership contact you installation club manger or visit


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