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Club Members May Now Redeem Military Free Cash Rewards Online

Release Date: 7/10/2007

HQMC (MR), QUANTICO, VA - Marine Corps Club members may now redeem their Chase Military Free Cash Rewards Points online as soon as they reach 2,500 points.  Club members may choose from either a $25 check, or a gift card/certificate from a variety of world-class merchants for every 2,500 points earned.

           Marine Corps Club members enrolled in the Military Free Cash Rewards earn one point for every dollar in purchases and two points for every dollar in purchases made at qualified Military Exchanges, MWR Services, and MCCS merchant locations on Marine Corps, Air Force, and Army installations. Gas and concessionaire purchases do not count toward this program.  Points, which are good for 2 years, accumulate automatically and are tallied on the monthly billing statement. 

           To redeem points, Club members may go to or call 1-800-759-0294. If you are a Marine Corps Club Member and are not already enrolled in the program, you can call 1-800-759-0294 to join today. There is no yearly fee associated with the program. For additional information on club membership contact your installation club manger or visit

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