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MotoMail adds photo feature: PhotoMail

By Pfc. Melissa Tugwell, MCAS Miramar
Release Date: 8/6/2007

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION MIRAMAR, Calif. (June 29, 2007) -- Some of the 2,000 messages processed daily through the Marine Corps' free MotoMail program will arrive in the hands of deployed Marines with something extra  pictures from home.

Recently, MotoMail, a program overseen by Marine Corps Community Services, added PhotoMail to the e-mail program that turns electronic messages into paper and envelope letters to troops assigned to Marine Corps commands.

PhotoMail allows friends and family to send pictures along with the letter. Instead of reading just text, service members will now receive photographs from home.

For now, MotoMail recipients will only receive black and white pictures due to equipment limitations at military post offices where the e-mail messages are received and processed.

According to an MCCS press release, the goal is to send color printers to selected locations
to facilitate the printing of color photos.

MotoMail allows friends and family to go online to and register for a free account. Through the account friends and family can create an e-mail, which is later printed, sealed, and delivered as a first class letter to service members serving at Marine Corps commands in Iraq or Afghanistan, or on a Marine Expeditionary Unit.

All MotoMail services are free to the families and friends of deployed service members. The program is not intended for use by the general public to send letters of support, according to the program"s Web site.

The letters are generally sent out within 24 hours of receipt and troops receive them at their next mail call.

"It (MotoMail) was good because Marines, especially being deployed, dont expect mail everyday, said Gunnery Sgt. Michael Heard, the postal operations chief here. With MotoMail, they can receive it everyday and get that unexpected news right away.

Usually it takes weeks for mail to reach service members overseas. Now with MotoMail, service members know weeks sooner whats going on with their friends and families back home.

MotoMail (PhotoMail) is a morale booster and a quality of life issue with deployed Marines. It fills a need by connecting them with their families, said Lt. Col. Jeff G. Koffel, executive officer, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

For more information on MotoMail, call a military post office or visit them online at


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