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MCX Partners with Landair Transport for 3PL services

Release Date: 6/24/2010

HQMC (MR) QUANTICO, VA The Marine Corps Exchange (MCX) has partnered with Landair Transport, Inc. of Greeneville, TN, to provide Third Party Logistics (3PL) management services. 

                This move is part of the MCX plan to improve supply chain efficiency by looking at the business as a holistic supply chain and not just compartmentalized processes and capabilities.

                According to Cindy Whitman Lacy, Deputy Director of Business Operations, “Our partnership with Landair Transport will give the MCX a new Transportation Management System (TMS) capability. Over the next few months, the MCX may adjust business rules and synchronize replenishment schedules to focus on building multi-stop truck loads when and where it makes sense.  The TMS will determine scenarios to utilize pool points and cross dock facilities, optimize shipments and may even change the way the MCX buys merchandise.”

                 Whitman Lacy added, “The biggest changes in the MCX supply chain are yet to come.  Over the next five years we will be defining the processes that best fit our business model while focusing on improving transportation, warehouse and distribution management.”  

                Landair is in the process of gathering and registering vendors for the TMS implementation which is expected to go live 19 July.  The implementation of the TMS will not change current vendor/MCX terms. For complete details and timelines go to

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