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Marines Corps Leadership Scholar Program Assist with Transition to Campus Life

Release Date: 2/22/2011

HQMC (MR), QUANTICO, Va. — The Marine Corps Leadership Scholar Program (LSP) is available to help qualified Marines seeking to earn an undergraduate degree when they transition back to civilian life after separation from active duty or retirement.

Originally launched with the California State University System, the program has grown and been formalized Marine Corps-wide. There are currently 85 campuses around the nation who are participating in this program. Among the participants are: the California State University System, University of North Carolina System, Virginia Tech, Columbia, Colgate, Auburn, University of New Mexico, and Colorado State-Pueblo. 

According to Beth Morgan, Director of Higher Education Initiatives for Marine Corps Community Services, who manages the LSP program, “The recent Commandant’s Planning Guidance directed that Transition Assistance Programs be revolutionized to better support transitioning Marines. This new program is one of those initiatives to help Marines who are interested in obtaining an undergraduate degree when the leave active duty or retire.”

Morgan added, institutions dictate all academic criteria and other requirements, but to be eligible to participate in the LSP, Marines must be high school graduates and possess a minimum combined score of 70 or higher on the Armed Forces Qualification Test and a General Technical score of 115 or higher. They must also have taken the SAT or ACT tests. The requirements for admissions are determined by the individual college or university and vary by institution.

“The advantage of working through the LSP versus applying on your own is that with the LSP, the college or university guarantees admission to Marines who meet their standards. Even where there is no guarantee, LSP has established direct lines of communication with the admission office and an LSP recommendation adds weight to the application. It essentially provides an extra “look.” she said.

 Colleges and Universities are looking for qualified veterans and this program helps them find them. 
“Marines are already valued and respected members of campuses around the country. They bring a unique diversity along with maturity, leadership and self-discipline. The LSP is available to help Marines who want to continue their educations and become better prepared to compete in today’s tough job market,” Morgan said.

To learn more about the LSP and if the university you want to attend is participating, visit (launching soon) or contact Beth Morgan, Director, Higher Education Initiatives for Marine Corps Community Services, at (760) 429-4124 or email:

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