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Inns of the Corps Adds Online Guest Survey

Release Date: 3/20/2012

Inns of the Corps logoHQMC (MR) QUANTICO, VA – Beginning in April, Inns of the Corps Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLF’s) guests will have another option to submit feedback and document their experiences at select facilities. The new online system is similar to those used in civilian hotels and is already being used by Air Force and Navy Lodging programs.
            Guests can still use traditional methods of providing feedback on their stay such as paper comment cards located in guest rooms or the ICE system, and should feel free to speak directly with the facility management if they feel the issue needs immediate attention.   
            Under the new program, when a reservation in made, guests will be asked to provide an email address. The email address will only be used to confirm the reservation and to send a request to participate in the survey.  Guests will be randomly selected to take part in the online survey and could receive an email inviting then to take part within 24 hours of checking out. The online survey only takes about 2 minutes to complete and will ask about the facilities, amenities and customer experience during the stay. When the online survey has been completed, the guest response will be provided to the facility manager, who will be required to respond to the guest about any issues or concerns identified within 24 hours.
            According to Siddhi Patel, Hospitality Specialist, at the Semper Fit and Exchange Services Division, “This new option is part of a larger initiative to focus on the customer experience and to help identify areas of opportunities for improvement and acknowledge areas of excellence as we become more customer-centric.”
            The new option will be available at the Dos Rios Inn, MCAS Yuma; The Miramar Inn, MCAS Miramar; South Mesa Lodge and Ward Lodging, MCB Camp Pendleton; Sleepy Tortoise Lodge, MCAGCC Twenty-nine Palms; The Lodge at Kaneohe Bay, MCB Hawaii; Lejeune Inn, MCB Camp Lejeune; de’ Treville House, MCAS Beaufort; Westpac Lodge, MCB Camp Butler; and Monzen/Nishiki Lodges, MCAS Iwakuni.
            For more information about the online survey contact Patel at 703-784-6303 or . Inns of the Corps reservations can be made at

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