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Dillon Appointed Director of Semper Fit and Exchange Services Division

Release Date: 4/30/2012

William C Dillon Bio PhotoHQMC (MR), QUANTICO, VA – William C. Dillon has been appointed Director of the Semper Fit and Exchange Services Division effective Apr 22, 2012.
            Dillon will assume the duties as the Director of Semper Fit and Exchange Services (MR) Division, Manpower and Reserve Affairs Department, Headquarters Marine Corps, Quantico, Virginia. The Director of MR is responsible for Semper Fit and Recreation Programs (including the Single Marine Program, Fitness and Health Promotion, Competitive Sports, Combat Fitness, and Benefits-Based Recreation); Exchange Services (including Marine Corps Exchanges, Services, Food and Hospitality, and Recreational Business Programs (including Golf and Bowling);  Deployed Support Services (including Tactical Field Exchanges, Fitness, Recreation, and Communication Services); and Enterprise-wide Support Services contributing to the efficient operation and functions of all Marine Corps Community Services, Marine and Family Programs, and Wounded Warrior Programs (Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, Construction, and Procurement and Contracting Services).
            Dillon has experience in national and international corporate businesses as well as enterprise level knowledge of appropriated fund and nonappropriated fund business processes. Dillon has served as Interim MR Director since August 2011, along with the additional duties as MR's Chief Financial Officer since June 2004. In addition, Dillon served as a 1st Lieutenant, United States Marine Corps, from 1969 through 1972.

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