Worldwide Day of Play on September 20, 2015 is an annual event designed to encourage kids and their parents to play outdoors.  This is an excellent opportunity for children of all abilities to play alongside each other.

The Marine Corps promotes an attitude of inclusion that welcomes and supports the participation of all children, youth and adults, and makes respectful accommodations to ensure all participants can be successful. Celebrate this year’s Worldwide Day of Play by taking advantage of some of the inclusive services available across the Marine Corps.

Accessible playgrounds

One of the best ways to play outside is to visit an accessible playgrounds. These playgrounds have been built throughout the Marine Corps and promote shared recreation and inclusion of individuals with special needs.

Semper Fit Certified Inclusion Fitness Trainers

While Worldwide Day of Play encourages going outdoors to get active, don’t let that keep you away from the gym on the other 364 days of the year. Certified Inclusion Fitness Trainers are available in fitness centers across the Marine Corps. The purpose of this training is to increase the fitness trainer’s awareness of various disabilities and how physical activity can be part of a comprehensive support plan.

Adaptive Swim Lessons & Equipment Check-out

Does your exceptional family member love sports? Some installations offer adaptive equipment for use such as canoes, kayaks, and paramobiles for golf. If your installation has a pool it may also offer adaptive swim lessons.

Special Olympics

Is your child ready to take his or her outdoor fitness to the next level? Some Marine Corps installations host Special Olympics competitions featuring basketball, soccer, track and field events, and more.

To find accessible activities at your installation contact your local fitness center or Outdoor Recreation Equipment & Rental facility. To learn more about the services available through the Exceptional Family Member Program, click here.