Being active with your family not only supports overall physical fitness, it can also be a great way to have fun and bond with family. The benefits of exercise extend beyond physical health to include improved mental well-being, and decreased stress and anxiety. The benefits of physical activity apply to family members of all ages. Children and adolescents who participate in regular physical activity have increased muscle and bone strength, less risk for chronic disease, and improved cognitive function. Being physically active with your family is an opportunity for fun and family bonding!

Taking advantage of opportunities for family-based activities is essential for military families. Deployments, training commitments, and long working hours mean family time is precious. Making time to be active as a family is a great way to reap some of the physical and mental benefits while strengthening the family unit and maximizing time together!

Semper Fit has the resources and programs for you and your family to get fit, to be healthy, and to stay mission-ready. Head to your local fitness center to catch a workout or a group exercise class with your spouse. You can also take advantage of Semper Fit’s outdoor recreation activities, from parks and trails to playgrounds and green spaces. You can also find your local recreation gear check-out center to take your family on a fun local adventure. Offerings vary, so be sure to check with your installation’s Semper Fit and Outdoor Recreation programs.