For Safety

If someone who files a Unrestricted Report of sexual assault has safety concerns, a Military Protective Order (MPO) and/or a Civilian Protective Order (CPO) can be requested.

An MPO is a written order that can direct a Service member to refrain from contacting or communicating with the person on the order, directly or through a third party. This can include limitations or prohibitions on face-to-face contact, telephone contact, or written communication by letter, data fax, electronic mail, or other forms of communication.

A Military Protective Order is ideal for those who live and work on an installation.

If you live and/or work off base and have additional safety concerns, you can file a Civilian Protective Order with the local civilian district court.  Your SARC or SAPR VA can assist you through this process.

For Comfort, Peace of Mind, and to Focus on Recovery

A Marine or a dependent age 18 or over who files an Unrestricted Report of adult sexual assault, may request an expedited transfer. The expedited transfer may include a permanent change of station (PCS) or permanent change of assignment (PCA). The intent is to assist in the person’s recovery by moving to a new location.

Requesting an Expedited Transfer

To request an expedited transfer, people who file an Unrestricted Report must submit a written request to their commanding officer (CO), including three geographic location preferences. The SARC or SAPR VA will assist with this process. Any request made outside of SAPR can delay the process and could involve people who do not have a need to know. 

In consultation with the supporting Staff Judge Advocate (SJA), the CO will approve or disapprove a request for transfer within 5 days of receiving a signed and dated transfer request. Your SARC or SAPR VA will help with next steps to process the approval or of denied, walk you through submitting the request to the first general or flag officer in the chain of command or Senior Executive Service equivalent. 

Expedited transfers are also available for Marines who file Unrestricted Reports of domestic abuse or have a dependent under the age of 18 who was sexually assault by a member of the Armed Forces not related to them.  Contact the Family Advocacy Program (FAP) for more information. 

For more information of FAP related services click here. For more information on FAP expedited transfers please refer to NAVMC 1754.11.