Students will be returning to school soon, and with that return comes preparation, including back-to-school shopping and attending tryouts or practices for sports or other extracurricular activities. Don’t overlook preparing kids for the impact of their actions and words.

Before the big day, have a discussion with your child on what respect means. Consider the different types of respect that your child could use in a school setting:

1. Self-respect: Take pride in what you do. Speak positively. Work hard and do your best. Ask for help when needed. Look for opportunities to grow from the challenges you face. Say no when you need to.

2. Respect for others: Treat others how you want to be treated. Think before you speak or react. Shake hands and smile when meeting someone for the first time. Maintain eye contact while speaking and listening. Listen to understand, not to respond. Show interest and concern. Consider the desire for privacy and others’ feelings. Help others when you can. Display good manners by saying “please” and “thank you.” Apologize when you make a mistake. Show value in differences you may have from others including, culture, opinions, likes, and dislikes.

3. Respect for school: Follow the rules. Use equipment properly. Help create a positive learning environment. Attend school to learn. Have school pride. Contribute to classroom discussions and group work.

4. Respect for property: Take care of common spaces. Be aware of assigned seats on the bus, in the classroom, or in the lunchroom. Be mindful of cubbies/lockers and personal possessions of others (backpacks, books, clothes). Throw away trash. Treat others’ property as if it belongs to you.

Remember that showing respect is a reflection of your character. Let others see the good you have to offer, and have a great school year! For information on schools in your area, visit your local School Liaison Office.