Are you a size eight or 18? Are you on a restrictive diet or working out almost every day of the week?  Do you look in the mirror and are happy with your reflection, or do you see flaws you can’t wait to correct?

Today’s culture revolves around body image and size when it should be focusing on accepting and respecting our bodies. No one body type is the same and each body is shaped differently. That’s what makes us who we are, making each of us unique.

Show your body some respect:

  • Be kind to yourself. Generations have come together to make you who you are today.
  • Be thankful. You have been given this life for a reason, so make the most of it.
  • Know your limitations and know when to push yourself. Keep a journal and track your exercise, eating habits, emotions, pain levels, etc.
  • It’s ok to enjoy and splurge. If you’re trying to get healthier, enjoy the celebration, and then tomorrow, get right back into your exercise and eating routine.
  • You know your body, so listen when something feels “off.”

Building healthy relationships with food and exercise is important to ensuring your mental and physical fitness is ready for anything that life throws at you. Find a fitness class that you love on your installation, meet with a Health Promotion Dietitian to create a healthy eating plan, or jump into a sport to get fit and enjoy with friends.