Ensuring children are ready to succeed in school is something every parent strives for and is one of the most important topic areas addressed by teachers.

Contrary to what some parents believe, it isn’t a necessity for children to have a comprehensive set of skills in order to be ready for school. Rather than concentrating on a checklist, it’s recommended for parents and teachers to take a look at the development of the child in all areas: cognitive, social-emotional, language, and physical skills. Development and skills in these areas will assist in the transition from childcare to kindergarten.

Department of Defense Child Development Centers are required to use a curriculum that supports school readiness. The curriculum must be researched-based and support the development of the whole child. 

The MCCS Child Development Centers will transition to the “Early Learning Matters” Curriculum (ELM) in the fall of 2021. ELM was developed for use in Department of Defense Child Development Centers and created by early childhood experts at Purdue University. The ELM curriculum offers developmentally appropriate activities for different age groups and individual children. The curriculum focuses on the development of the infant – toddler age groups birth through 36 months and preschool ages three to five years of age. ELM provides our military children with a strong foundation by promoting skills linked to school readiness, well-being, and life success.

If you would like to learn more about the Child Development Centers, visit your local Child and Youth Programs office. You can register your child for childcare at militarychildcare.com. If your child is getting ready for school, contact your local School Liaison to get all of the information you need to get your child started.