Advocacy is very simply defined as the action of representing oneself or one’s views or interests. While it may seem natural to respond in instances that require promoting your viewpoint, here are a few ways to be more effective in communicating your stance:

Practices for effective advocacy:

1.     Be an active listener and open to learning

2.     Increase your preparedness and organization

3.     Develop your communication skills

Looking for ways to build your advocacy skills for yourself or a family member? The Exceptional Family Member Program is designed to support individuals and their families through education and training, a comprehensive resource library, information and referral and case management services. 

Our EFMP teams can help you learn how to navigate support systems, access necessary resources and learn effective advocacy tips and tools.  You may also be interested in visiting MilLife Learning for videos, tips, and other tools to help answer questions, educate and guide those wanting to learn more about topics regarding advocacy, transition, estate planning, educational programming, and more.