Personal Property Claims

The Military Personnel and Civilian Employee Claims Act is a gratuitous payment statute enacted by Congress to partially compensate a member for Personal Property that is lost, damaged, or destroyed.  It does not provide insurance coverage, nor is it intended to replace insurance, but rather to alleviate some of the hardships of Military life by providing fair compensation for certain types of property losses.



  • Full Replacement Value Program coverage holds the Transportation Service Provider (TSP) liable for loss and/or damage to personal property.
  • The TSP will pay Full Replacement Value cost on items that need replacing or have been lost or destroyed.
  • Non-Transportation Claims are Damage/loss to personal property that occurred incident to service.  Examples of such would be:  fire, flood, theft, vandalism, and/or other unusual occurrences, hurricanes, tornados, quarters fire, and power outage causing food loss.

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The service member must file their claim directly with their TSP within 9 months of delivery to qualify for FRV.  The TSP will settle the claim by repairing, paying the member to repair, or paying the repair company to repair damaged items.  If an item is missing or destroyed and cannot be repaired, the TSP is liable to replace the item(s) with the fair market value at the time of the loss.


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