Readiness and Deployment Support

Readiness & Deployment Support is a collection of trainings/briefs designed to educate and prepare military personnel and their families to cope with the changes and challenges of all types of deployments and family separations. Designed specifically for Marines, families and extended family members, these programs increase awareness of relevant readiness issues, while offering individual creative solutions to build a healthier family and ensure all are aware of the vast resources available to them as Marine Corps families. Additionally, briefs provide an opportunity for Marines and their families to meet the Command team members, and the Family Readiness Officer, who all provide support to Marines and Families throughout any type of deployment.



  • Pre-deployment briefs are required for all deploying units.  The briefs are coordinated and provided to all Marines and families attached to units 30-60 days prior to a unit deployment, or as required of the unit.
  • Mid-Deployment Briefs are a series of practical application workshops, which allow military family members to:
    • meet other military families
    • engage in fun activities
    • understand the support of the military community
    • learn new skills that will empower their ability to thrive in the military lifestyle
    • Outline how to set goals that are realistic and obtainable and assess progress
  • Return and Reunion briefs are a series of interactive workshops that discuss expectations and positive reintegration ideas through real life scenarios. Families learn how to celebrate homecoming, communicate with the Service Member, and recognize warning signs of stress. Families also learn about available resources, as well as the behavioral, emotional, and educational challenges children may face during a reunion.
  • Reintegration: Strong Marine Couples is an educational workshop designed to address the effects of reintegration on a relationship. The work shop allows couples to assess the level of relationship satisfaction and provides communication tools and resources for couples to use to strengthen their relationship.

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Training is offered by Marine Corps Family Team Building. Readiness and deployment support training will prepare military families for the unique challenges of a deployment while maintaining a constant state of readiness independent of deployment. Contact your local by Marine Corps Family Team Building office to meet one-on-one with the office Director and trainers to discuss unit focus/limitations and relay concerns and expectations so the training/briefs can be tailored to the needs of the individual units.

Quantico(Change Location)

Readiness and Deployment Support Training Program
126 Neville Rd  
Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 4pm  
(703) 634-2678  
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