Aquatics Maximum Power Intense Training

Aquatics Maximum Power Intense Training (AMP-IT) is an in-water physical training program that consists of a variety of scientifically-proven, high-intensity exercises provided in an aquatic workout suitable for rehabilitating and reconditioning injured military personnel.



  • AMP-IT is a unit-driven, leader led aquatic physical fitness training program comparable to land-based physical training.  It increases amphibious readiness, promotes Marine Total Fitness, and increases unit cohesion and mission readiness. The guiding principle is to elevate awareness pertaining to the importance of aquatic fitness to readiness capabilities of the warfighter.
  • The program is designed for Marines to participate in vertical exercises in the pool, not the tradition horizontal swimming.  Aquatic training at the same intensity and frequency provides comparable fitness gains as land-based training and is as efficient as bicycling for cardiovascular fitness.
  • The program allows Marines of all fitness levels to train together and is adaptable for those in recovery. Marines placed on light duty, limited duty, BCP, and Marines with off-duty/sports injuries can remain physically fit; thus removing the isolation between the elite athlete Marine and the injured Marine.
  • AMP-IT utilizes deep water running, which in a highly fit person equals or surpasses land-based running and has an improved effect on their VO2max. For conditioning to occur in fit individuals, deep water running heart rates will be comparable to that of a tread mill or land-based training, but the rate of perceived exertion is greater when in the training zone in deep water . Increasing water running speed and/or adding resistance increases the metabolic rate further.
  • The program was developed from the Wounded Warrior Aquatics Exercise Training program, which taught training modifications that assist in the recovery of injuries while maintaining fitness through unit PT and as a follow-on to physical therapy to maintain a level of fitness while rehabilitating.

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AMP-IT is specifically designed to meet the strict physical demands of the Marine Corps and is supported by the Aquatics Program. All Marine Corps installations have numerous civilian and active duty instructors, so contact your installation’s Aquatics Specialist to find a trained AMP-IT instructor near you.


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