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Spotlight on Prime for Life

For more than a decade, the Prime for Life (PFL) program has allowed Marines and attached Sailors to explore, reflect, and work to protect their values against alcohol and drug misuse.The Prevention Research Institute created Prime for Life, and it is presented through the installation Substance Abuse Counseling Center (SACC). 


High-risk drinking and underage drinking are serious concerns for the Marine Corps and negatively impact fitness and readiness. 


Programs like PFL have proven to be effective in equipping Marines and attached Sailors with “no-risk or low-risk” decision-making skills. 


The current and future readiness of our fighting force requires access to credible information that helps with high stakes decision-making. The PFL approach helps Marines and attached Sailors explore how they perceive risk. They can then make informed decisions that are in their best interest.   

PFL provides insights from more than 1,800 research studies about how lifestyle-related health problems, like those that stem from alcohol and drug use, develop.PFL explores problems, identifies ways to prevent future problems, and affirms that everyone could need help at some point. Certified instructors lead the program and make no judgments. Service members get time to discuss and reflect on issues. They learn about empathy and why it’s important to collaborate. PFL is for the curious, the concerned, and for those struggling with high-risk choices. 


Our genetic makeup sets our biological risk level for alcohol or drug problems, particularly addiction. Since we cannot alter that risk level, the choices we make are what is within our control. 


PFL helps Marines and attached Sailors identify their values and develop coping skills that support effective decision-making in high-risk situations that will protect their values. To learn more about this engaging program, visit your local SACC.

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