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Your Guide to Staying 'Always Ready'

The Marine Corps is known as the 911 force of America, and we have earned this phrase because of how quickly we are able to respond to crises around the globe. But it isn’t enough just to be ready in the field. Marines also need to be ready at home. Their loved ones must be ready at any moment’s notice for any crisis response, which means Marines and families should be “always ready”. 

What does “always ready” mean in the Marine Corps? Well it depends on who you ask!  Spouses, Marines and the Marine Corps answers may vary when asked this specific question. 

If you ask a Marine’s spouse, they may give the following answers:

  • “Take care of all the family responsibilities while my Marine is on frequent exercise rotations that separate them from home.”
  • “Pack up the house for a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) sometimes with only 90 days’ notice.”
  • “Prepare my family for our Marine’s 6-12 months’ deployment.”

However; if you ask a Marine, “what does ‘Always Ready’ mean to them, they may give completely different answers:

  • “Making sure that I am administratively, medically and physically ready to accomplish the unit’s mission.”
  • “Ensuring that my family will be taken care of while I’m away on deployment or exercise.”

The Marine Corps may say that “Always Ready” encompasses total Marine fitness which includes: mind, body, spirit, and social fitness.

Although the term “Always Ready” seems to have varying answers, they are all interchangeable and equally important.  Below are a few helpful tips to help you remain “Always Ready:”

  • Ensure that Family Care Plans, legal, medical, and financial documents are current and stored in a secured location
  • Ensure that there is an Emergency Plan in place and the whole family is aware of it.
  • Make sure vehicle maintenance is up to date, bills are paid on time, and that all pending legal matters are taken care
  • Make sure family members understand the responsibilities of their Marine so that they can best support you and your family
  • Make sure insurance policies are up to date to include vehicle insurance, life insurance and medical insurance

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