Marine Corps Family Team Building

Marine Corps Family Team Building reinforces and sustains a state of personal and family readiness to provide Marines and families with tools and resources needed to successfully meet the challenges of the military lifestyle and enhance mission readiness by providing preventative education that is offered across the life cycle of a Marine.



  • Provide skill building tools and readiness for individual and family development.
  • Designed to meet the needs of Marines, Sailors and their family members based on stresses of daily living and the mobile military lifestyle.
  • The training programs focus on topics and concerns related to overall family functioning, relocation, deployment, military separation, life skills, and establishing appropriate connections within the military and civilian community.
  • Opportunity for Marine Corps families to use their skills and talents through volunteering.

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Training is provided at the unit level. Workshops are provided at the unit and installation level, through partnership with Family Readiness Officers and other supporting resources of the unit and installation. Standardized readiness training is provided to unit commanders, Family Readiness command teams, and Marines and their families.

Subject matter experts provide additional information related to various programs and resources available to Marines, Sailors and families. Additional family readiness programs, which are immersed within LifeSkills Training and Education, and are delivered through the chaplain’s office include the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP), and the Chaplain’s Religious Enrichment Development Operations (CREDO). Classes are also offered online through MarineNet.

Quantico(Change Location)

Marine Corps Family Team Building Program
2034 Barnett Ave
Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 4pm  
MCCS Quantico website


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